Netflix Premium

Netflix is an online streaming service that offers popular movies, TV shows, and documentaries users can watch over the internet. It has over 100 million members across 190 countries. We have two types of Netflix accounts. 

1. Netflix Personal Profile:

 We will create a personal profile for your name in our dedicated account. You can change your name as you want. we will give Netflix account logins with your personal profile inside it.

  • Regulations

    1. You cannot change the account login (Email or password and etc.)
    2. Avoid login into others' profile since there is another customer like you in that profile.
  • Price

    1. Netflix personal profile  LKR 2500/- for 6 Month (with 6 Month Warranty)

2. Netflix Personal Account (for your email):

 We will make you a personal Netflix account for yourself. Yeah.. It means you can change email, password, create or edit or delete your other profiles or anything. You can change anything on the account since it's your personal account.

  • Regulations

    1. No regulations
  • Price

    1. Netflix Personal Account (for your email) LKR 6000/- for 6 Month (with 6 Month Warranty)

Account Type


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